Swarovski® has been creating fine cut crystal since 1895. Whilst Vienna Lights® has been operating since the year 2000, I’m proud to say that my association with the Swarovski Family goes back many years. I spent my childhood in the Austrian village of Wattens, the hometown of Swarovski®, and was fortunate enough to live with the Swarovski Family during my teenage years. I later worked for the Swarovski’s, and came to see first hand the care and attention that goes into every piece that they craft. Believe me when I say that Vienna Lights® – Swarovski Elements® - Crystal Chandeliers are the very best. They represent the “Rolls Royce” of chandeliers.

(SE) SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS (former known as STRASS® Swarovski) are the world’s most beautiful chandelier crystals; (FC) Fullcut or SPECTRA® are Swarovski's second-best crystal quality. Chandeliers are available in 24 carat Gold-Plated, in Chrome or in Nickel. Average Delivery-Times are 6 weeks to 12 weeks. We accept Direct Bank-Transfer on Order. Vienna Lights® Crystal Chandeliers are "Made in Austria”. The Prices are "ex works" Austria. Vienna Lights® can organise shipping on your behalf. We recommend Airfreight CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight).

For hundreds of years, crystal has symbolized the flair of fantasy and romance, as an expression of timeless elegance and of a noble Lifestyle – and the same applies to the lighting of a residence. At the turn of the millennium, lighting with crystal chandeliers is undergoing a renaissance – a true rebirth! The love of this most traditional style of lighting elements has been rediscovered, and its very special charm is reflected in thousands of facets. In the beginning the chandeliers were trimmed with mostly hand-cut rock crystal. As there was a limitation on quantity on those Gems, the  production of Glass and Crystal were introduced a little over 100 years ago. With exemption of a few, these days most chandeliers are trimmed with synthetic crystal. The quality of crystals does not only depend on the quality of the raw materials, but on the cut and polish. The more facets a crystal has, the better the light will be broken (in rainbow-colors).

At the end of the 19th century Daniel Swarovski invented a crystal-cutting machine – the birth of today’s worlds most respected crystal manufacturer. Swarovski’s STRASS® Ball has 224 facets, and is unachieved by any competitor in crystal manufacturing. The secret recipe is the combination of the use of 24-carat gold-plated metal, the exclusive trimming with Swarovski Elements, and last not least countless hours of work by masters of their craft. Vienna Lights Crystal Chandeliers are assembled in one piece for delivery, which is an advantage when installing in customers houses. It is Vienna Lights aim to assist you in making your selection, and making the light of your dreams a reality in the vast range of models. Immerse yourself in the world of lights, and experience the wonder of crystal. Vienna Lights can provide you with crystal chandeliers designed to meet your every need.

The Largest and Most Complex Crystal Chandelier in the World

In the year 2000 one of our most exquisite manufacturers built a unique chandelier. A veritable masterpiece, far beyond anything comparable in terms of both size and design. They developed and made use of the very latest three- dimensional presentation and construction techniques for the project. It was all a perfect fit – down to one-tenth of a millimeter. A two-dimensional design drawing can be impressive, but the advantage of three-dimensional presentation is that everything can be observed from all angles. Only in this way customers can be certain that the results can be up to their expectations. The frame was made from stainless steel to keep it statically stable and free from rust, and then encased in gold-plated brass profiles.

All the other metal components are of brass, bronze and seawater resistant aluminium (to save weight) – all of it naturally plated with 24-carat gold and stove–enamelled. Despite its location near the sea, in a hot and damp climate, the chandelier will literally last for ever. The chandelier even contains a staircase and platforms –for maintenance purposes. Only STRASS® Swarovski®, the world’s finest and most beautiful chandelier crystal was used. Roughly one million crystals, all sparkling like diamonds. About 1200 dimmable halogen lamps are triggered by more than 36 switching circuits. The entire chandelier is 8 m in diameter, 14.5 m in height (comparable to a five-storey residential building), and weighs almost 9000 kg.