Swarovski Elements

..... for You it has to be something Special!

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. With more than a hundred years experience of high-quality craftsmanship and mastery in cutting, the company produces light-filled crystals of breath-taking range and brilliance. Sought by designers, creators and innovators throughout the world, these exquisite, on-trend elements exert a sparkling allure, evoking deeply felt individual responses in all whose lives they touch.

Beautiful and elegant lighting reflects style and personality, the reason why SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS (former known as STRASS® Swarovski) are chosen by people who prefer something special. These chandeliers are developed from a priceless heritage of luxury, elegance  and artistic genius, bringing magical flair into the world's great houses, such as the "Palace of Versailles" near Paris, the "Singapore Art Museum" and  "New York's Metropolitan Opera".


Daniel Swarovski

Swarovski is a trendsetting company formed by the pioneering spirit of its founder Daniel Swarovski. It is the world’s leading producer of cut crystal, genuine gemstones and created stones. Designers and manufacturers in fashion, jeweler and lighting, as well as our end customers, appreciate the innovative design and the technical perfection of our products.

The Swarovski Headquarters are located at its found site Wattens, a village in the Austrian Alps. Swarovski maintains a presents in more than 120 countries all over the world and employs more then 20000 people worldwide. As Swarovski has remained fully independent since its foundation in 1895, it combines the traditions of a family business with future orientated and international challenges. This enables long-term thinking and sustainable development.
Today, the name Swarovski stands for exact workmanship, quality and creativity all over the world. Working in an international environment, feeling the solid basis of a traditional family business, being part of innovative process and growth and enjoying various benefit schemes are what Swarovski as an employer can offer.



SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS extract the most beautiful colors from light! They bathe living spaces in brilliant light and bring them to life. The irresistible brilliance is the result of years of experience, constant innovation and technical perfection.

"Constantly improving what is good" is the principle behind the growth of the Swarovski company and the success of Swarovski ELEMENTS. The highly specialized cutting machines, originally invented by Daniel Swarovski, have been constantly perfected in the same way as all other areas of the crystal manufacturing process. Only by making use of all the available technical solutions can we guarantee the precision cut crstals. The ongoing introduction of new faceting brings new life to the striking SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and opens up new creative opportunities.

The product range includes more than 1000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in the widest possible variety of shapes, colors and sizes, which will create a unique atmosphere in any living space. This is why the most famous manufacturers of lighting, furniture and a variety of other interior accessories, together with interior designers and other creative artists from all over the world, insist on SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.



The purity and the high precision faceting of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS transform ordinary light into a sparkling kaleidoscope of color. Light makes the perfect partner! It unfolds its magic kaleidoscope of color only in combination with perfectly cut crystal of the highest purity. This is why the unrivalled quality of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is immediately obvious to every observer.

A perfectly cut crystal uses the same effect as natural phenomena such as the rainbow, by refracting natural light into all the colors of the spectrum. This apparently accidental kaleidoscope of colors can be accurately calculated and exploited to produce stunning effects.

The purer the crystal and the more precise the cut, the more brilliant the effect. This is why only high-quality raw materials are used to make SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Highly sensitive cutting machines guarantee the absolute precision of every individual facet. A special polishing process ensures that the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are extremely smooth, which protects them against dirt. Finally each individual SWAROVSKI ELEMENT is inspected with the greatest meticulousness and care by trained hands and unerring eyes. The Swarovski light laboratory is constantly researching into new and unique optical effects and laying the foundations for the development of new cuts, shapes, colors and other innovations.



The special finish of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS protects them to a large extent against dust and moisture, which makes cleaning them simple and straightforward. This is how to do it! Only pure crystal sparkles with real intensity! The special finish of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS ensures that it is largely dust and moisture resistant. In order to ensure that your SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS always reflect as much light as possible, you simply need to clean them from time to time: No special precautions are necessary. You can leave the  crystals on their fixtures (for example on your lights), and do not need to remove the individual components!

The easiest way to remove a thin layer of dust is to use a clean, dry, anti-static cloth. It is a good idea to wear white cotton gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the crystal. To remove more persistent dirt, use lukewarm water with a little dishwashing liquid. The best type of cloth is a clean microfiber cloth or a thin, lint-free cotton cloth, which you should wring out as much as possible. Wipe each SWAROVSKI ELEMENT gently and dry it with a cloth afterwards. It is a good idea to wear white cotton gloves.

Please note that, when cleaning the crystals with water, you should only use cleaning agents that do not damage the surrounding materials. Cleaning will bring the reflective power of your SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS back to life.



Swarovski has been creating fine cut crystal since 1895. Whilst Vienna Lights has been operating since the year 2000, I’m proud to say that my association with the Swarovski family goes back many years. I spent my childhood in the Austrian village of Wattens, the hometown of Swarovski, and was fortunate enough to live with the Swarovski family during my teenage years. I later worked for the Swarovski’s, and came to see first hand the care and attention that goes into every piece that they craft.

Believe me when I say that Vienna Lights Crystal Chandeliers are the very best. They represent the “Rolls Royce” of chandeliers.


Certificate of Authenticity

To emphasize the premium nature of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS brand, selected designers and brands are permitted to use the distinctive, trapezoid-shaped “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” label.

It serves as a certificate of authenticity, denoting products that are made with genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Swarovski also offers branding partners additional first-class services, including trend consultancy and technical expertise. 

Gorgeous, refined and functional, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are the preferred choice for major designers around the world. In their hands, crystal comes alive to give works of startling beauty and originality.


Advanced Crystal - The New DNA of Crystal

Far-reaching developments are afoot at Swarovski, with the announcement of a dramatic change to the DNA of its crystal. By September 2012, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS will have its entire assortment switched to the new ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard – a patented, lead-free* formula that is much more than merely compliant with the strictest laws on the planet. Hassle-free, rigorously tested and completely reliable, it is quite simply the most advanced crystal composition on the market today, providing perfect peace of mind.
“It is the duty of every ethically sound company to support the environment and social projects”. The founder of the company, Daniel Swarovski, set the precedent by conducting business in accordance with the criteria of sustainability – behavior that has since matured to become a core competency of the company. The root of this deeply entrenched respect for the environment lies in Daniel Swarovski’s recognition of the fact, even as long ago as 1895, that water is the most precious natural resource on Earth. This acknowledgment was partly prompted by his choice of Wattens, high in the Tyrolean Alps with its plentiful supplies of water, to headquarter his company. Just as he knew that water was essential to the manufacture of crystal and generated clean electricity to power his machinery, he also recognized that it is essential to all enterprise. In fact, that it is profoundly and fundamentally essential to life itself.